Welcome to On the Rock.

This blog is intended to be a place for me to share my thoughts on the true situation of men and women and how we relate to each other in our current culture.  What most people have been taught and what people believe these days was very often designed to be what others thought people should believe.  It had little or nothing to do with the way things naturally are.  In ignoring our natures for should we have a host of people who are increasingly unhappy and confused because their lives, their relationships, and their desires have not turned out how they were taught they should.

I would like to spread the truth of our nature here.  I would like women to come here to learn what being female is.  I would like men to come here and discuss with me and other women what it is to be Man.  Mostly, I would like to aid women in grasping their Rock and propping him up.  I would like to see men be that Rock.

Please Note:

These are my thoughts and ideas.  There is no one size fits all.  Take away what you will and apply it accordingly.

I am going to make mistakes and I will be wrong.  Call me on it.  However, I am interested in discussion, not hearing how wrong I am or that I am an idiot (the same goes for any of the commenters here). If you are here only to deride, please don’t bother.  It helps no one.

From time to time I will be adding in posts on unrelated things that I am very interested in such as education and health/nutrition.  They may not be your reason for coming but I hope you learn from those posts as well.

Again, Welcome.  I am looking forward to the conversation!