Commenter King A  had this to say in response to the A Typical Day post (I encourage you to read his whole comment.  It is excellent and takes my post to the necessary next level):

Consider that your husband’s expectations are a gift, the guidance and leadership that allows you to be a woman in full.

It seems many women today are appalled at the idea that any man, especially their husband, could dare have expectations.  But, what would it be like if your husband did not have any expectations of you?  Expectations show trust, respect, and a knowledge that you, as a wife , are capable of doing these things and further (and more importantly) doing them as well or better than he needs them to be done.

Think about that for a second.  If your husband, or the man you love, has no expectations of you, then it means one of two things: 1) he is doing everything for you because he thinks that is what you want of him or 2) he doesn’t trust you or think you capable of doing these things because you have not shown that you are.

In the first case, a woman who lives like this has not brought herself above the level of a child.  She may think she is capable of all of these amazing things, but if you live in a one sided relationship where you give nothing, there is no happiness to be found.  You will find yourself wallowing away as all you would be is what is given to you and nothing more.

In the second case, where there is no trust, no giving of responsibility, then he may think you a child.  And why shouldn’t he?  If a woman cannot be depended upon to do more than her work/career then she can not be depended on to care for or nurture more than herself.  If she cannot be trusted to care for others, then why should expectations in a marriage be placed on her?

A wife should be aware, or at least partially aware, of what is expected of her without her husband ever really having to put voice to them.  The giving that comes in a marriage is done utterly out of love.  It is done because it will bring joy/comfort/relief/etc to your husband and because he needs you to do it.  He needs you to do it because you love him.  Who else could ever do it as well?