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Yesterday was “Field Day” in the US and Canada.  Field Day is an annual event for HAM radio operators.  It is a day to simulate an emergency situation (earthquake, hurricane, etc) and for these guys to erect and tune antennae, connect and test their generators (car batteries, et cetera), and make as many contacts as possible in 24 hours with other operators participating that day.  My husband was recently licensed in amateur radio and we were fortunate enough to be invited out to a friend’s land where they camp out for the weekend and participate in the contest.  It is also a big family day where the kids get to learn the ins and outs of HAM radio, help the fathers make contacts, fish, and simply play together.  It was SO much fun.  We went and spent the day yesterday and Maritus made his first contact plus about half a dozen more.  More importantly, he got to use and learn about the equipment involved.

The highlight of the day for me, other than fishing with my kids and watching my artistic daughter walk around and take pictures for a better part of the afternoon, was going on a hay ride throughout the farm adjacent to where we were camped.  This place is AMAZING.  It’s 500 acres of . . . vegetables and strawberries.  The layout was incredible and I felt like a kid at the zoo.  I love to garden and I have always wanted to see this farm.  I got to pick one farmer’s brain a bit and mostly I just got to look.  I mean, plants as far as you could see, heavy with peppers, small medium and large tomato plants, strawberries. . . . It was wonderful.

This farm also has animals on display and the kids were enamored.  They got to go in and catch chicks, watch goats running around their pen and watch the rabbits  running in and out of their burrows, look close up at cows and see beehives for honey and beeswax harvesting.  Our host, who owns a good deal of those chickens went in and got me a dozen fresh eggs lain that morning.  Amazing.  More than that, he gave me permission to go pick wild blackberries on his land whenever I want (for which I will make blackberry jam and give him some).  It was some of the most fun we’ve had out as a family.

So, why am I telling you this?  Mostly because it was just a stellar day that I wished to share, but also because there were some wives who weren’t there.   There was one man there who was lamenting that his wife and daughter never came and he wished they would.  He hung out fishing with his son a great deal, but he missed the rest of his family.  I don’t know why these wives didn’t come and they may have had perfectly good reasons for not being there.  However, we’ve all heard about big days for men  where the wives decide to stay home, usually to avoid boredom.  Ladies, go to these events with your husbands.  They are trying to share something with you and your children that is very important to them and maybe even something they are quite passionate about.  I don’t care if you hate it or love it. For your husband and your children, put a big smile on your face, bake a plate of cookies or a pie and go have a wonderful time.  Learn what they wish to teach you, give it a try and most of all, have fun.  It’s not about being bored for a day.  It’s about giving back to your husband and kids and making fantastic memories together.  Enjoy your family.  Enjoy your husband. But most of all, have fun (with no strings attached).