A couple of commenters (Wudang, Umslopogaas, thank you) on the A Guide to Entering the Manospere (For Women) thread recommended taking some of the main topics/posts/ideas from the manosphere and presenting them to women in a way that is easier to digest.  The manosphere is, well, for men.  A place for men to come and learn about women (and masculinity) and what makes us tick.  The thing is, most women don’t really know what makes us tick.  That’s why one so often hears, “I don’t understand it.  He is such a nice guy and he is perfect for me.  Where is that spark?  Why am I not into him?”  So, naturally, you are going to get some women coming to the manosphere to 1) see what all the fuss is about and 2) to learn more about what men truly want (not what we have been taught they want).

Unfortunately, when the women come in, our natural solipsism makes it nigh impossible to not take what is read personally, especially when written in the style of men.  Men learn best when presented with cold, hard facts.  They also tend to take these ideas to the Nth degree as it makes everything far more clear.  For women, this type of communication is uncomfortable and even painful.  I realize it is for men as well, but men tend to learn from that pain and we tend to get defensive about it (or flat out ignore it).  When this happens, women tend to stop comprehending and start fighting back or simply leaving.  Either is a far more comfortable position than continuing to digest what is being read.  It is this that prompted yesterdays topic.  Women are capable of taking this stuff in and digesting it.  And it can deeply change us and for the better.

With this in mind, I would like to have a series of posts on some of the main and most important topics of the manosphere.  What immediately comes to my mind is hypergamy, solipsism, beauty (as in men are attracted to beauty, not PhD’s), submissiveness, and . . . what else?  What is it you would like to see explained more from the perspective of a woman?  I know there are a lot more, but at the end of the day I am drawing a tired blank.

**Please Note: I am not going to try to redefine these things for women.  Only present them in a manner that might be better understood.  My fear here is in going too far away from the cold hard facts.  If one goes too far, the facts get blurred.  When that happens, it makes it too easy to not accept them as a truth that pertains to oneself.   It is important that that line not be crossed and if any commenters think that is happening, i would appreciate your input.  The point here is for women to learn about themselves, not dismiss these things as impertinent to themselves.