Unfortunately, I am not going to have time to put up another post today as I had hoped, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up that I am going to change the commenting format.  When I set up this blog, I nested the comments as I thought there would only be very few and it would make conversations easy.  I did not expect this many comments, especially this soon.  I thank you all very much for the discussions and comments thus far!  However, I find comments that run chronologically much easier to follow with commenters using blockquotes or italics to differentiate topics of discussion.  I am going to start that today.  If any one has any real problems with this, please let me know and let me know your reasons why and I’ll consider changing it back.  For now, I would like to give the chronological comments a try.

**Addendum-  When I switched it to chronological comments, it reverted the comments in the old posts as well.  I’m sorry if they don’t make much sense now, but I would rather do this sooner than later.