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Rollo and Dalrock have had posts recently regarding the feminine imperative and some of the repercussions of this.  In a nutshell, the feminine imperative is the idea that most everything female is good and held up in society while those things male are not (to take it further, all things male are often derided and frowned upon).  Woman have come by this imperative by seeking masculine power for themselves and then adding into the narrative how people used to feel about women.  People seem to be slowly realizing that woman cannot have both.  They cannot work to achieve all things masculine while maintaining their feminine privileges.

Women began seeking this masculine power, in part, because of what I spoke about in my last post.  Women felt they had no power of their own so they began seeking that  which men enjoy in being masculine.  Only, women do have power in the feminine; great power, but not nearly as overt in its nature as the masculine. Due to its subtlety many woman struggle to find it and many more fail to realize that it’s even there.  A woman’s power is largely covert.  The most obvious aspect of our influence is in our beauty.  Men are almost viscerally drawn to female beauty, but it is fleeting and must be utilized at a young age.  However,  our femininity, our covert power, goes far beyond our beauty. Our true ability to influence and inspire comes from relinquishing control, in our submissiveness and our vulnerability.

Commenter Wudang had this to say:

I am far more sensitive towards the needs of a highly feminine woman and more willing to do things for her because I experience there to be a vacuum of sorts and so since she appears not to be so able to push back hard I feel compelled strongly to protect, be sensitive, lead and take care of her. If a feminine woman wants me to do something asking in a feminine and submissive way makes me WANT to do what she asks.

Femininity gives us the means to inspire a man to want to do things for us.  But even more than that, and more importantly, femininity will inspire a man to be more masculine.  It inspires a man to take his family even further under his wing and protect and nurture them in a way that a masculine woman never could.  After all, if there is already an abundance of masculinity, why need there be more?

It may seem counterintuitive to some, but submissiveness will inspire strength, fortitude and steadfastness in many men.  It will inspire a man to be the Rock to the woman’s bending will.  She will become more a part of him and something he will fiercely protect and respect.  The more she is willing to submit (not in a subversive way) to him and support him in his life, the more she will find that he will work for her and, more importantly, for them and their family to further their lives together.

Masculinity and femininity are meant to compliment one another.  A man is meant to be a Rock for his family and I akin a woman to being more of a reed in the wind.  She will bend and sway as she must, but she will never break.  There is true strength there as there must be to support her man.  When a couple does compliment each other in this way, people will find that they are some of the strongest and happiest marriages you see.  You will also likely find, that what they are able to accomplish together is almost palpable to those around them.

Note: I had a difficult time fleshing out this post as there was so much I wanted to say but had a surprisingly difficult time putting words to.  I would love to flesh this out more in the comments so I ask you to add your thoughts and ideas there.  I think this is something very important that women need to understand and the more it is fleshed out, the better.