Yep.  Maritus and I do the low carb thing, too.  I can’t recommend it to others enough.  This link is just one of several reasons why we follow this diet.  Both of us, between eating low carb and weight lifting, are in the best shape we’ve been since we’ve been married.  I have even gotten down the the weight I was at when we met.  My body is not the same as three kids and not eating right for several years will do that to a woman, but I am getting very close to being in top shape again and I can’t wait.  I COULD NOT have done this with the typical Weight Watchers low calorie diet.  Been there, done that and I will describe my experience more in another post.

Please Note: I am working on a proper post but it will still be a couple of days.  My family just left early this morning and we are all quite tired and my youngest is sick.  In the mean time, I love talking diet/nutrition/exercise so please feel free to talk away in the comments about this.  I find it fascinating.