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M3 at an Alpha Game post entitled An intent to disqualify writes:

Men have very few metrics that are used to disqualify women, all of which apply no matter what time period you happen to exist in.

1. Don’t be fat
2. Don’t be a bitch

To which Deti responds:

Girl game, summed up in seven words.

I am stealing that. It’s beautiful.

This is NOT a dig at M3 or Deti, rather it is something that makes me quite sad about the state of women as a group.  These are two things.  Two relatively simple things and men are having a difficult time finding single women who fit these simple qualifications.  Now, I know that realistically there is more to it than this, but the point is that men have been increasingly lowering their standards to find women to date and this is what it is beginning to boil down to.

This leads me to the well known fact of female competition.  Female competition used to be about finding the best man that one is capable of finding and making him notice you before or above the other girls.  This is no longer the case and I don’t think it’s really been the case in a long time.  Female competition is now about impressing other women and pulling other females down to prop oneself up, only what these top women are using to pull other women down masculine men don’t care about and want nothing to do with in the long term.  Sure, there are lots of masculine men who will notice the top woman and these men will take her home with him that night, but how often does it truly turn into anything more than a night or two?

If these men ever do decide to settle down, it is not with the women who end up being top tier in some crazy female hierarchy these days.  These men are often settling down with women who are not interested in the modern day hierarchy game.  They are settling down with the old school hierarchy.  Women who strive to be beautiful, sweet, cook, respect, and dote on men, or at least have the potential to do these things.  For those manly men who choose not to settle down, honestly, why should they?  There is zero incentive to marry as they find lots of willing women to fill their needs regularly.

It’s no wonder that MGTOW and men choosing to simply entertain a myriad of women is growing.  Men shouldn’t have to lower their standards.   So, instead, they’ve simply stopped.  It’s the beginning stages of Manning Up in the true sense of the term.  Given the state that my sex has put themselves in these days, and the legal realities of marriage and having a family, these two options are incredibly sane and logical.  And given the attention and the power that women find themselves with in this time, I don’t see woman taking the initiative to change until it so obvious what we, as a group, have done to ourselves that women will have no choice but to change.  I hope that what I, and others like me, are trying to teach will help some women along the way to Woman Up in it’s true sense of the term, but we can’t take the blinders off others eyes.  It’s up to them to see it for themselves and to pay attention to that nasty feeling in the pit of their stomachs that tells them things are NOT right.  And they most definitely are not.  When women cannot offer to simply change our diets a bit and smile genuinely from time to time things are seriously wrong.  And if women are unwilling to change, then the men are going to, whether you like it or not.