(Just to save readers time, the link is broken to the article as the Telegraph has removed it.  A lot of people are still clicking on it, so I removed it.  The second link is still fine.)

I have so many thoughts about this article (it was entitled “Celebrity Sperm Donor Service Gears Up for Launch) and, really, you all can guess every single one.  For my sanities sake, I will let it stand  on it’s own.

Heh . . . What if it’s a girl?

***Note: I do not assume for a second Derek Jeter is a part of this . . . thing.  I gotta make light of this situation or scream!

UPDATE:  HAHA!  It was a joke!  Thank goodness!  Also, the first link is now broken as the Telegraph removed it from their site.  I dashed this off too fast this morning and forgot to add the link and simply pasted it (I guess I forgot that this is actually a post and not a comment!).