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In case any of you missed this amazing post by M3, please go read it now.  It’s an incredibly poignant post of his younger years and what happened to him in following all of his blue pill teachings.  All of us have been brought up with blue pill thinking to some degree.  Men are taught to be sensitive and nice.  They are taught that their masculinity is something that must be hidden away and buried.  That it is somehow . . . wrong.  Read his post to see the horrible effects of this feminist thinking.

Women are taught to embrace our sexuality, to have fun, and that, no matter what, Mr. Right will someday appear to sweep us off our feet with no preparation on our part, whatsoever.  The effect can be seen in so many articles written by highly educated, career successful, yet sad women.

M3, thank God, got angry.  Very angry, and from that, his masculinity came forth and changed his life (from the post, I think it even saved his life).  It is time we start teaching our children the truth, that men and women are different and it is these very differences that attract us to each other.  It makes men neither brutes nor savages and it makes women neither simpering weaklings nor ornamental.  Men are given the gift of masculinity and women the gift of femininity to do with what we choose.  We can use them selfishly or selflessly and we mustn’t take away those gifts away any longer.