I haven’t been around much lately as Maritus took the last ten days off as a “Man Vacation” (Mancation?  I wish I was more clever with words).  He has been working long, hard hours at work for the last several months and he really needed and deserved this time off.

Maritus takes Man Vacation every year and it is designated man time for him.  The plan is that he basically does what he wishes for this week; hunt, nap, sleep late, stay up late, workout as long and as hard as he wants, eats and drinks what he wants, et cetera.  He does all of these things (plus helps with the kids so I could sleep in a couple of days and run out alone, too.  How about that on his Mancation!?) and I do my best to take the kids so he has the house to himself a bit and to keep the house quieter during this time.  What usually ends up happening is he spends the first couple of days unwinding and doing things alone and then for the rest of the week we all hangout together eating, drinking (eating some more) and spending a lot of time as a family having fun doing whatever we please.  What started out as man time turns into family fun time lead by my husband (how do men learn to relate so well, in such a fantastically goofball way, to children?  I suspect it is one of those innate things that comes from masculinity.  I love it).

Last night, right before I went to bed, Maritus came out and told me that, because of this vacation and everything he did for himself and with us, he felt like a powerhouse.  Like he could go back to work and crush it for as many hours that are necessary.  After ten wonderful days, he goes back into the fray to once again do battle for us.  I wasn’t able to give him as much time as I hoped for the last ten days, but he was still able to get some necessary man time.  This has given him what he needed to go back into work to provide for us, his family, and for that I am eternally grateful.

***Ladies, I realize that some of you are probably wondering, what about me?  When do I get woman time?  A couple of things about that, he has asked me two or three  times if I would like to take a week for myself and take a vacation without the kids.  Frankly, I’m not interested as I don’t fancy being away from him for a week and as much as this was his vacation, it ended up being mine as well.  A vacation for me is spending time with him (and the family, but he is my down time, if that makes sense.  The kids are always calmer when he is around and that is all I need right now).  Also, because he provides for us, I don’t work.  Yes, I am with the kids everyday, but I get time during the day while they are playing outside, or while they’re at the pool (in summer) or while I’m at the gym to unwind and I can do something like this everyday.  What I can’t do everyday is spend time with my husband or the five of us together.  That is my vacation.  Might the case be different for other women?  Of course, but I urge you to consider what is not always easy to see; what you are being given on a daily basis already and what is being sacrificed so that you might have that.  I know it wasn’t easy for me to see that for too long.