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One cannot seem to get away from the television these days even when making a concerted effort to do so.  I had the unfortunate experience of being subjected to the Today Show while waiting at the allergist yesterday.  It was like watching a car wreck and I couldn’t tear my eyes away.  For the 3 minutes I was sitting there I saw the following:

In case you were not able to make it through the video in it’s entirety, this is the disclaimer at the end:

These rules are meant as a guideline, each individual Mommy might have her own set of rules.  Pregnant Moms will need additional attention and support or may need additional back rubs, late night snack runs and foot massages.  Please check with you local Mommy for her own set of rules . . .

Obviously, you all don’t need me to go through this and tell you what is wrong with it.  It’s just a testament to how pervasive all of this is in our society.  Of course, when the video finished, all of the women gushed at this video.  However, I ask you, what else is Mommy supposed to do with her time (rhetorical)?  If you do all of this, in the manner of this man, any attraction that your wife does have for you will be killed in short order. That is not to say that a husband, who chooses to, should not help around the house.  Only, it should be framed as his choice.  Not based on some sort of “Rules”.  Athol had a very good post yesterday that went into this dynamic in good detail.

*As with everything, it has to be catered to your own situation.