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Men, heads up, this is a beauty post.  You’ve been warned. 😉

For the past two years, during the winter I have been experiencing a new phenomenon for me.  Dry and itchy scalp (sorry if this is gross).  The thing is, with my hair, in trying to keep it healthy and long, I cannot use traditional shampoos without looking like this:

So I got online and made an interesting discovery.  Our skin is slightly acidic, as is our hair.  I use apple cider vinegar everyday on my skin as a toner, but it never occurred to me it would be good for my hair and scalp.  

I have poured it on my scalp twice now and it has helped quite a bit.  I think it will take a few more times to really help things, but so far it is wonderful and it is cheap!  I would also recommend mixing some brown sugar into your conditioner and rubbing it gently on your scalp after you do the apple cider vinegar.  This feels wonderful and it helps to open the hair follicles as well.  This will help with hair loss (which is an unfortunate side affect of aging, even for women.  We don’t tend to notice it as much in other women as we lose it everywhere, not just in certain spots like men do).  Take a look at the whole link I posted as there are recommendations for more than just scalp treatments, but conditioning as well.  I can’t wait to try some more of their recipes.

I get Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (this link is the cheapest I have ever seen it.  Bulk is even better)  and I always try to get it from the grocery store.  I have seen it at GNC, though it is $3-4 more there.  If your hair (and/or nails) still need some extra help, I recommend a biotin supplement.  You can purchase straight biotin, and while it is much cheaper, it did not work as well for me as the Hair and Nail formula that one can buy from GNC (my hair falls out much less and my nails are amazingly strong now, while before they were very weak and flakey.)