. . . because apparently, I hate women.  I believe most of what Mr. Somerset outlined in his bullet points.  My question is this, what percentage of women truly believe that what has been outlined here is true?  How many truly believe that thinking a woman should pay for her own contraceptives or simply abstain is anti-woman?  Or that believing equal pay must actually correspond with equal work means that one loathes females?  In my (un-researched) estimation, it is not a very large part of the population that actually believes people who hold these beliefs hate women, only that this part of the population is the loudest.  I do think some women will believe in one or two of the things on his list, but when shown a decent argument against (rhetorical, most likely), they may change their minds (at least for a time).  I tend to think that the more loudly these ardent feminists protest, the more harm they do themselves as some  make absolutely no sense whatsoever . . .

Believing that being a woman is not, of itself, a good enough qualification to be elected to any office means you are a woman-abominating Old Boy’s Club member who is probably homosexual anyway.

Are there some that really believe that simply having an X chromosome is enough to qualify for office?

Now, do I really hate women?  No, but I imagine at some point down the line of this blog I will be accused of something of the like.  I believe that many women can learn to think past what feels good at the moment, as soon as we are taught to think and society actually expects it of us.  Women used to be considered the fairer sex (link provided from the article) and while our natures will always be present, we do have the capability to rein it in.

On a separate note, men, I present the war on your  . . . ahem . . . manly bits.