I’m a country girl.  I grew up in the country and we hope to get back out to it again soon.  I grew up in farming country, where being called a redneck is actually taken as a compliment.  Rednecks, where I’m from, are considered hard working people who drive trucks, get dirty, play hard, hunt and keep their families.  Most young men and men had trucks and big ones at that.  The second thing they bought after purchasing their truck was a lift kit.  I also grew up where there is a lot of snow.

Given all of this, when I saw the following, I was floored.  These things are AWESOME.  I can picture all the guys I went to high school with wanting these, getting rid of their snow mobiles (well . . . . no.  putting them aside for a while) and taking these things out into the fields every weekend with too much beer in the beds of their trucks.  They look like so much fun (not to mention incredibly useful).

Men can imagine and create the most incredible things.