I find that I need to take some time off from the blog. My house has turned into a pit since Christmas.  I find I am on the verge of complete disorganization and am hanging on by the skin of my teeth.  I’m behind in paper work for school, the house is not a place where it is comfortable spending time, the kids are unruly, et cetera, et cetera.  The worse it gets, the harder it is to even find a place to start to gain back some traction.  The very best thing I can do right now is get the heck offline.  I look around at everything that needs to be done, get frustrated and then turn to the internet as a distraction.  Not good.   So, I ask for your patience while I get things back on track here.

I would also like to ask readers for some recipe ideas.  I would really like to start eating more fish.  I have a couple of recipes that are OK, but not great.  Any type of healthy sauce to go over the top would be most welcome as well.

Also, I would really like to expand my healthy recipes, especially for the crockpot.  Starting on the 1st we got back on track with our eating and we are being very strict.  Though Maritus and I are both finding that we are tired of the foods we really enjoyed before the Holidays.  I need to expand my repertoire and I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet of late that would work.  I’ve found a ton of things that I would love to cook, but nothing that fits in with how we are eat (basic high protein, rice sweet potato, build muscle diet).  If anyone has any good crockpot or other really tasty recipes they would like to share I would be grateful for it.

Right now, my crockpot go to is basically boneless skinless chicken thighs (don’t try this with breasts, really.  It’s disgusting), salsa, a scoop of diced jarred jalapeños, chili powder and chopped garlic.  It also works very well with a pork tenderloin.  When your ready for dinner, use two forks and shred the meat.  It is very good on lettuce topped with taco toppings or in a tortilla.  Given how much we have changed the way we eat, that’s all I have for crockpot meals because I no longer use Campbell’s Soup in it.

I thank you all for you patience while I continue to strive for the ever elusive peace that I would like my home to be.

I have come to the conclusion that peace is probably something I should never have been striving for.  These pictures would be nice, calm and serene  . . .  for Maritus and me.  I need to now learn how to take these images and fill them with happy laughter and rambunctious children, too.  Not an easy task.