Maritus recently discovered a website called Vision Forum and asked me to take a look at it.  We later spent about 2 hours going through all of the fantastic toys (especially for boys) trying to decide what we wanted to get for the kids.  The first category for boys is Weapons and Gear.  This site is amazing and they have toys for sale that, in the past, we have both said “I wish they would make a toy like this”;  swords for boys that actually won’t break within 5 minutes, guns, bows and arrows and costumes.  For girls there are  tea sets, doll dresses, sewing kits and romp around rough toys.

While we were searching around we came across another project that the founder of Vision Forums, Doug Phillips, has begun.  It’s called Hazardous Journeys Society.  It’s a new venture that has been started and there isn’t very much information on it yet.  On the site are three videos.  I will let them speak for themselves . . .




I’ll tell you that by the end of the third I was crying.  I truly hope that we succeed in giving this to our son.