It seems I am late in finding this out as the article is dated January 13th, but the Red Pill/Game/manosphere (whatever you want to call it) knowledge is spreading.  Roosh has been highlighted at Taki’s Magazine.  

EDIT: It’s funny, I don’t read Roosh’s site all that often, but I just noticed that whenever I do, I get ad’s at other sites for Russian/European women dating websites.

EDIT II:  Commenters have ben stating other places where they have seen Game go mainstream.  I’d love to know what others have seen.  Also, Francis Begbie has a good post up at The Soul is Not a Smithy about what this is likely to look like in mainstream television and I think he’s right.  However, in the not-so-mainstream it will continue to prevail.  Women and men want masculinity whether they know it or not.