I recently had a birthday.  A bit ago I turned 37.  It. Sucks.

I don’t know if I’ve hit the wall or not. As far as I am concerned this is for Maritus to decide.  Not me.  But I’ll confess that I do worry about it.  I look in the mirror, still feeling 20 and it is no longer a 20 year old face staring back. Age is creeping in and I don’t like it.   Are there advantages?  Sure.  I’m not as dumb as I once was.  I’ve learned a heck of a lot and am better off for it.  But as far as my husband is concerned, I would like nothing better than to give him back my 20 year old body that I had when we met. But, come to find out, thats just the thing.  We did meet when I was 20.  We spent our youth together and married young.   I was able to give him that and create these love goggles wherein (I hope) he still sees that 20 year old somewhere when he looks as me.

Women really need to begin to consider marrying young again.  Not only is your youth a gift to your husband, but it is a lasting gift of how he will see you for the rest of your life.  There are ways to hold onto that beauty.  The anti-aging tips most of us know.  But love puts on blinders or creates these love goggles.  TaterEarl over at M3 states:

Women should be aware of the “love blinders” men have. When you are in love you still see that attractive young faced lady…however once the blinders come off you think “what the hell was I thinking”.

and M3 replies:

What keeps a man in love? Here’s a hint… it’s not a fierce, tnk grrrl, independent and strong woman attitude.

It’s making him a morning coffee and presenting it with a beaming smile and a kiss. It’s about asking him how his day went when he gets home from work. It’s about taking a bit of interest in the things he does, asking him for advice AND following through with it, showing trust in his decisions, making him a nice meal and telling him if he does the dishes, he can have his “desert”.. etc…

just be frickin feminine and add joy to his life, and he’ll feel true love for you, work for you, take care of you, support your ambitions, stand by you, stick up for you and be a man for you.. because seeing you smile is what melts us. And that’s what carries us into old age once beauty fades.

For you married women out there sneaking up in age, love your husbands and you will be beautiful forever.  For you young women, your youth is a gift to the man you want to spend your life with and it will be a gift for yourself later on.