I didn’t do a Valentine’s Day post because we don’t celebrate it.  Beyond getting something small for the kids (my mom did this for us and it always stuck with me for some reason.  It meant a lot to me that she would go out of her way on such a day), I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day and Maritus cares even less than I do (Yeah, I realize that doesn’t make sense, but go with me here).

I was reading Dalrock this morning and I came across this quote from Sarah’s Daughter:

My gift to him – a day of peace and quiet. His gift to me – the last 17 years of provision.

This says it all.  And it’s not just one day, it’s everyday.  I know that Sarah’s Daughter does what she can every single day to give to her husband.  I’ve been reading her comments for more than two years and she works hard, because she knows what she has.  She knows what her husband fights for every day and she is out there fighting back for him, giving him the strength and support to go out and do that fighting.

Don’t lose sight of everything you have been given in this life.  The best and most important gifts are rarely things.  Take a look around at the gifts your husband gives you every single day.  They are enough to fill your life with love and joy and they are amazing.

*Painting is by James Peale and is entitled The Artist and His Family