It doesn’t end at the wedding.  The dress comes off and life starts.  It’s a marriage, not a perfect day.  I will let these ladies explain:

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An excerpt from songtwoeleven’s Supporting Your Husband Through Extended Unemployment Part II:

I am capable of being just as sinful as my husband can be.  I might “appear” less sinful on the outside by looking pretty and “having it together” in front of others, but on the inside, with a contentious, resentful, selfish heart – and a prideful, arrogant, self-righteous attitude…I am as sinful as a drunkard.  Or a slothful, lazy person.  You name it, I’m capable of it.   There is no room for self-righteousness, ladies.  Kill it before it kills your marriage.

Women have a nasty habit of thinking that because our sins might not be as overt as mens’ that we are somehow less sinful.  This is patently untrue.  Sin is not just what we do but what we fail to do.  Stop and think for a moment what goes through your head when your angry at your husband, what you may have said to your friends, what you have done out of anger and what you have told yourself you must not do out of anger.   What have you withheld that was desperately needed?

We are not better than men, our wrongs are not somehow less.  They are merely different.  They are absolutely damaging to those around us, we simply do not let ourselves see it.

Open your eyes. By God it hurts, but if you don’t, what will follow is much, much worse.