Captain Capitalism had a post up a while ago and in it was the following comment from  Glen Filthie

Forgive the cliches – but honour is a gift that a real man can give to himself and no one can fault him for it. He does it through chivalry, charity,service to the community and manly conduct.

You made allowances for a lesser man with emotional problems and didn’t hurt him even when he laid hands on you. You offered a lady a safe escort out to her car. She refused with grace; you honoured her decision.

This is the behaviour of an officer and a gentleman, Cap. I don’t see what your issue is.

This is where you youngsters of the manosphere need to be taken out behind the woodshed and horsewhipped: chivalry and honour are for US, not the women. Fat, ugly feminists cannot destroy chivalry or our personal honour regardless of what they do – we do that ourselves…or choose not to.

So no, you didn’t goof up, or sell yourself out. You are growing up, Captain. That is not an insult either – real men mature all through their lives like a fine whisky. Women tend to stop in their late 20’s. There are exceptions to that rule – but they ARE the exceptions.

I very much like this comment and think him spot on.  Many in the manosphere do not believe in modern day chivalry and I can’t say that I blame them.  When one throws chivalry back in the man’s face, it is obviously not deserved.  These days one will often not be thanked for the kindness or protection or will even be lashed out at for providing it.  However, for those men who still do find honor in Chivalry and/or are lucky enough to have those in their lives whom he deems worthy of this honor, it is something deeper than simply opening a door or pulling out a chair.  It’s an honor they bring to themselves and choose to share with those they deem worthy.

On the flip side, Ladies, the very code of chivalry was never intended for use in a society in which the sexes are considered equal.  Vox writes out the Ten Commandments of Chivalry and number 3 is to respect and defend all weaknesses.  If you refuse to admit your weaknesses compared to men there is absolutely no reason to ever expect to be treated with this honor.  Even if you are willing to admit your weakness, it is still not to be expected as women as group have rejected this idea outright.  We can never expect a man to do this for us, but we can overtly show our gratitude if they do.

More on chivalry from Dalrock.

Update: Dalrock shared this past post of his regarding Chivalry that I was not aware of. It’s excellent.  Chivalry Only Comes from a Position of Strength

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