Dalrock has been linked to by Ross Douthat in the Opinion Pages of the New York Times.

If any of you are at all familiar with National Review, you will recognize the name Douthat.  Regardless of your opinion of his politics and the politics of the New York Times,  this is quite a big deal.

** UPDATE: And Captain Capitalism has made the Washington Times!!  Part I and Part II.  Yes, it’s about the economy.  It doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned.  Quite a few of the blogs write about the economy and masculine and feminine issues.  I simply think it’s fantastic that it’s getting out to Joe Public.

** UPDATE II:  Roosh V has moved beyond Taki’s Magazine and onto the Washington Times as well.

** Taking a page from Captain Capitalism and Danny From 504, I want to link to you a new compilation site called Viva La Manosphere.  Thank you for all the links!