As most of you know, George of 3rd Millenium Men was on HuffPost Live yesterday.  I thought, given the circumstances that he was pitted up against, that he did a very good job.  All of the exposure that started in somewhat fringe places (these are the one’s I’m aware of) like Taki’s Magazine are now going more mainstream into The Washington Times, The New York Times Opinion Pages and Huffington Post.  While it’s still not considered mainstream in that nearly everyone if aware of this corner of the web, it’s edging closer to that outcome.

This got me thinking about the consequences of this.   Now, before we even start, I do believe that what is the most important thing is that these ideas are spread.  There are too many things in our lives that we have been taught to be the truth without ever hearing any opposing view point.  For so many of these things I was never even aware that there was an opposing view point and I suspect that most of you reading here were taught the same.  Even though people may not like it, many will even hate it, there will be information for them to read and analyze and then decide for themselves if they wish to believe and try the ideas presented in the various blogs of the sphere.  Not only that, but given the various topics discussed they can decide what they do like, might like and downright disagree with given the different paths a person can take with all of the knowledge that is presented.

Having said that, there will be some consequences that will be more difficult to deal with.

1.  More Trolls

Overall, not a big deal, but this might prove tedious.

2. Outright Derision

Especially for those who do choose to do interviews on TV and print.  George was set up in this interview to be a bit of a fall guy.  I think he expected this and handled it quite well.  He held his frame and stayed positive and unflustered.  This made a big difference and if he had once gotten angry or flustered, it would have been finished for him.  He laughed appropriately and made some salient points in the time given to him.  Regardless of how well he did, there will be many people who will hate what he had to say, what any blogger in these parts has to say, and the derision will begin.  There are those out there who are ready for this and have some serious potential.

3. Bloggers Closing Shop

With the derision, if the sphere does make a well known name for itself, I have to wonder how hard the push will be to shut some bloggers down and how many might close down because their personal lives cannot be made public.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has made a few threats, as have posers and actual hackers.  I don’t have any links, but Roosh was outed at least once and I understand Roissy was a few years ago as well.  I would expect this to happen much more often.

4. A watered down version of what we are.

As these ideas grow and begin to take root they will be manipulated and changed to make them not only more palatable, but easier on those whom the truth will be most difficult on.  What will be lost?

These are just a few of the things I see happening and I am sure there are more that I am not thinking of.  The spread of these ideas is what is important and what should be continued to be pursued, but there will be consequences to face.

A couple of questions for you all, what am I missing and do you think that going mainstream is a good thing?  The spread of these ideas is what is so important, but is it more effective in the slow growth that we are currently seeing (where the ideas are more likely to be preserved) or more effective to go mainstream to Joe Public?  I ask these just to get mine and others heads clear as I think that no matter the opinions discussed here, many of the major blogs are going to get some much more serious press this year.