It’s about time I started doing this.  There are too many great articles out there that should not be missed!

Hypergamy run amuck leads to unhappiness.

Self Improvement – It’s up to you to make yourself better.  It’s not up to the world to conform to you.

Most women hate to look foolish.  So why do we say stuff like this?

You done? I don’t know a single red pill lady that this hasn’t happened to in one form or another.  In the end, we absolutely love our husbands for it.

The Fringe – It’s a strange place to be.  In, but not quite.  Been there and am there.  I’ve come to prefer it.

The microwave – It might be time to lose it.

She has the best post titles and it’s so easy to relate to what Red Pill Wifey writes.

Another shout out to Viva La Manosphere for the continued links and because his site is just that good.  Thank you!

Another new aggregator with some writers I am unfamiliar with.  New writers are always worth a look.  Articles for Men.