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One of things I have really enjoyed and admired about reading the different blogs is watching people learn and grow or reading their stories about how much learning these truths has changed their lives. This is a process that usually takes some time and always a lot of deep introspection.  This is required regardless of one’s sex.  As Keoni Galt noted in his post Gaming the Curst of Eve there has been a marked increase in the number of red pill women’s blogs (which was predicted by Rollo Tomassi quite some time ago).

This term, red pill women, seems to have sparked some anger in a small, yet vocal, part of the commenters.  Now, I understand the process that one goes through in learning about the red pill and I have little problem with it. Anger is part of it.  Most move on in this process and some just don’t.  Some complete it and can only see the ugly lies.  This is to be expected.

Having said that, there is something that needs to be understood.  We are red pill women, in all of our hypergamous, solipsistic, hamster spinning femaleness.  We aren’t men.  The red pill that we swallow is the same color but it is a different flavor (it’s still bitter, but different just the same).  While the base ingredients are the same the starting place and the effects are quite different.  Most women start out as some varying degree of feminist.  We fitness test, we push against our husbands leadership or usurp it altogether. We nag, expect fried ice and are unhappy when our husbands try to give it.  If our husbands know better, we are utterly confused at why things are happening the way they are.  We say we want the pedestal only to utterly hate it when placed there.  The list goes on and on.  It what we were taught.  Our bitter pill throws back in our faces how completely unreasonable, rude, irrational and sometimes how downright stupid we were behaving.  For some, it is entirely too late to change anything.  Many will never accept.  Some of us were lucky enough to find the pill and do something about all of this.  Are we perfect now?  No, but we try and we will continue to do so.

The “red-pill” woman takes frequent moments to step back and observe all that her husband does for her and their family, and she appreciates it and expresses it to him with her words and her actions. But even the best of them will admit that doing so is a constant struggle to avoid taking their husbands for granted.

It is a constant struggle.  We have to make it part of who we are much like the blue pill man must “fake it till he makes it”.  Even when it becomes part of who we are, we will still fail from time to time.  We will still take our men for granted without vigilance.

From Keoni’s piece:

Now I know better. I know where this complaint is coming from, and I know what it will lead up to if I don’t do something about it. Aside from my greater understanding of the underlying dynamics, I’ve found I actually have a true passion for cooking. I don’t need her appreciation or approval to keep practicing the culinary arts…though I do have to say, she still does express appreciation from time to time. But most of the time, my cooking skills and service are largely taken for granted now.

It is what it is….for the curse of Eve is also expressed in the old maxim: “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

This is our pill.  It is not a male one and was never meant to be.  We will never inherently understand involuntary celibacy, the desire to pedestalize, or learning how to take back one’s masculinity and learning to lead again.  We can’t understand that first brush with true confidence and how the women around you and your wife will respond to that.  What we do understand is those women’s response and exactly how that feels. And we know that we like it.

The red pill for women and the red pill for men, just as with everything else masculine and feminine, are very different medicines.  Therefore, it’s effect is also very different.  This difference, women learning to becomes feminine and men learning to become masculine, is what will attract us and bring us together again.