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I love Chris Muir’s Day By Day.  Maritus introduced me to it about 4 years ago and it has become one of the first things I read over my morning coffee.  He can sum up in 3 panels what can take me or many other bloggers paragraphs to explain.  He has a real gift for using his art and his characters to drive home his points but does it in a way that will disarm some of those who would disagree.

Imagine my surprise and delight upon reading this mornings strip and finding Aaron Clarey’s Enjoy the Decline (which you should purchase though the Amazon link at his site) and Dr Helen’s Men on Strike being read by Sam and Zed.

Thank you for what you do Mr. Muir.  Day By Day’s message is a tremendous one and I wish you all the best in keeping it going (Mr. Muir has a fundraising drive going on right now so he can keep this strip going.  As I understand it, Day By Day is his source of income and since he has made it his full time job the artwork on it has become incredible.  Donate here).

Also, for those of you interested in Enjoy the Decline, Aaron has declared the month of June to be Worthless Degree Awareness Month.  Spread the word!