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Maritus loves sushi.  One of his favorite things about getting sushi is the pickled ginger that comes with it to clean the palate.  Knowing this, I got online one day to see how difficult it would be to make for him at home.  It’s actually surprisingly easy and I have the ingredients to make him some soon (FYI: It says in the recipe that it is the rice vinegar that turns the ginger pink.  This is incorrect as it is the age of the rhizome that will actually do that.  A young rhizome will turn pink while an older one will not).

In reading about this it occurred to me that I should check into the health benefits of ginger.  They are many!  For those pregnant women out there, it is excellent for morning sickness or any kind of nausea.  It’s great for inflammation (knee pain, arthritis pain, etc.), aiding in prevention of diabetes and even kills several types of cancer cells (including ovarian, prostate and colon cancer).  Take a look at the link as it’s amazing what this stuff can apparently help with  . . . menstrual pain, heart worms in dogs, and fighting some serious bacterial infections better than antibiotics.  It even has benefits agains gamma radiation (calling David Banner!).

Each article I take a look at has even more benefits listed.  This one mentions helping with sinuses and the anti-inflammatory as well, which are the main reasons I am trying it out.  There are several different ways you can take ginger.   There are supplements you can take or you can eat it raw (it is very good and surprisingly spicy.  If you don’t like hot food, you probably won’t like it raw).  You can find some recipes and cook with it.  According to some of the reading I have done, pickling it and drinking it in the form of tea are also excellent ways to get the health benefits.  Since I haven’t made the pickled ginger yet, I can’t tell you how that is.  Otherwise, my favorite ways of eating it so far are raw (peel it first just using a spoon.  The skin comes off very easily) and in tea.  To make tea, thinly slice a decent size chunk (about an inch or so) and boil it in about a cup to a cup and a half of water and let it steep for about 10 minutes.  The longer you let it steep the spicier it become, but it is rather nice spicy.  Add to it some raw honey and it is delicious!

*** I am forever amazed at the synchronicity of posts in the sphere.  I have been wanting to write about this for a few days now and lo and behold, I open Viva La Manosphere this morning and the very first post is one about ginger.  Though, it is an article much more beneficial for men.  Have a look.