Dr. Helen Smith did an interview on Fox and Friends promoting her new book Men On Strike.  As Vox Day points out she is spreading a message that could not be spread with the same efficacy by men.

She does an excellent job of starting to pull peoples mind out of the feel good warm fuzzies of marriage to the less visible legal and personal consequences of marriage to men.  The interviewers fight her on where she is attempting to lead them, but at least she is making the path seen (and I think she will be successful in leading many down this path).

A big part of the problem that Dr. Helen has to attempt to break through is that the population sees most of a marriage from the outside (and this is where people want to stay).  People see the front that is put up with smiles, minivans and granite counters tops from the outside to miss or ignore the small but visible signs of what happens to the inside of a marriage.  It’s a symptom of misinformation and fear.  What Dr. Helen is doing is making people face this fear and bringing it to the forefront of the conversation.

She has some major walls to break through with what she is attempting here. For just a small sample watch the woman interviewer’s face (sorry, I do not know who she is) during the introduction.  She doesn’t want to believe a word Dr. Helen utters before the interview even begins.