Word of the Sphere has hit ABC News through 20/20. The link takes you to Captain Captitalism’s post on this and also the link to the article. I encourage you to read his take there. My commentary? It went exactly as I expected it to. It’s going to be a long hard road to convince those who are never directly affected by the severe bias towards men these days.

**Update: Aaron has put up a good youtube video about this article as well (*Language Warning).

It’s good. It got me thinking, taking a look at the comment section of that article and how many people are disgusted with it, is the herd losing it’s grip? More and more women are refusing to identify with feminism (yes, they still believe in a lot of the core beliefs) and it is obvious that an article like this is written not in the spirit of journalism, but to get an “Atta girl” from the herd. That is decidedly NOT happening. So, here is what I think might happen. The comments sections sway people far more than a piece itself. It is where people can go and find out popular opinion, which many people want to be a part of. If popular opinion is against these article, comments sections will be shut down.

I gotta ask again, is the herd dying (as we know it today, anyway. There will always be a female and to some extent, a male herd)?