Margery has been working on posts regarding Stay at Home Moms (SAHM’s. Read the here and here) and decided to write about what a day looks like at her home.  Out of curiosity she was hoping some others would write the same.   Now, I really enjoy reading about the real lives of the other bloggers I read (another good read here), but find that it’s quite hard to write one about myself.  So, here goes.  A day in my life . . .

Maritus and I are up usually up between 6:00 and 6:30.  While Maritus is finishing up his shower and shave I head downstairs to turn on the coffee maker and make breakfast for him and the kids.  Breakfast for Maritus has to come first so he can get out the door and as the kids are usually trickling down stairs at this same time and telling me what they want as well, the morning really begins.   I put on oatmeal and egg whites for Maritus and usually the kids will ask for some combination of oatmeal, bacon, toast, eggs, sausage and/or yogurt.  After Maritus has been served I do my best to get the kids food on the table at the same time so that the four of them can sit down and all eat together.  As they are eating, I pack Maritus’s lunch for the day (this consists of meals that I have cooked and frozen for the week the Sunday before.  This makes life better for both of us as Maritus gets hot meals at work and all I have to do is take it out of the freezer the night before and make sure I always have rice and a cooked sweet potato in the fridge). If I’m on the ball I will have prepared all of his lunch the night before and then all I have to do is pack it up in the morning.  When that’s done, I grab my coffee and join everyone while they finish up eating.  Maritus then heads out for the day.  After goodbyes, I send the kids upstairs to get ready for school while I clean up from breakfast (and read a bit on the computer).

Then starts school, usually between 8:00 and 8:30, but we shoot for 8:00.  The next four hours are spent with me going from kid to kid helping them with various aspects of their schooling (history, math, spelling, copy work, latin, grammar, reading, and science, though we don’t do all of these everyday).  Now, my eldest is able to do a good deal of school on her own and I am there to supervise.  So, she goes off on her own to do her thing coming to ask me an occasional question or to have me ask history questions or the like.  The younger two still need more of my help, so most of my morning is spent with them getting them through their own subjects (Side note, I’ve never bought into the whole, “boys and girls learn the same” nonsense, but it wasn’t clear just how different their learning is until I started to teach them myself.  Every homeschooler I have talked to has said the same.  It’s amazing to see).  Somewhere in the mix I get my own breakfast and hopefully finish cleaning up the kitchen.

Once school is over, hopefully by noon (on a good day we will even finish by 11:00), I usually crash for a bit because my brain is buzzing from going from kid to kid and subject to subject for the morning.  I need some time to decompress which means I will sit for a bit and read some of the comments and posts that have gone up that morning. What comes next really just depends on the day and the time of year.  The goal is usually to get some cleaning done in the house.  It’s fall and all too often this doesn’t happen.  Ragweed is not my friend and this time of year I am usually sporting some kind of a sinus headache.  It ranges anywhere from out and out pain, to just some pressure.  The kicker is it get’s in my face and in my ears and makes me dizzy and nauseous (this is improving every year as I’m getting allergy shots.  It used to be so bad that I would be in bed for 3-4 days at a time).  So, on many fall days, I am doing my best to just get through school and then I end up on the couch until dinner time.  On a good day, I’ll spend part of the afternoon cleaning (which tends to build up fast), doing laundry, baking bread and running errands.  If it’s a really good day, we head out to the gym late afternoon and get home right before dinner.

Maritus has been incredibly busy at work lately, so most nights it is just the four of us for dinner.  Dinner for the kids this time of year is usually bacon and eggs, occasionally mac and cheese, pancakes, ham steaks, steak, hamburgers and that kind of thing (I’m very lucky to have a good friend who raised a cow for us last year.  It was recently butchered and I have a freezer full of fresh beef).  Mine is what I can eat.  Steak, chili, salad, if it’s a good day.  Nothing, noodles or popcorn when I’m not feeling well (I crave carbs like crazy during bad allergy days).  Around dinner is baths and winding down the day for the kids and once they are set for the night, they will usually put on a movie, paint, color or some other project (my eldest just finished making her first rag doll).  Maritus will usually get home anywhere from 7:30 till 9:30 while the kids head up to bed at 7:30 and 8:00.  Around this time, I am crashed and usually reading and commenting on the computer and/or watching Netflix or Hulu.  On a good night, I read.  However, this usually leads to instant sleep because what I am interested in takes concentration.  I’m usually asleep two pages in.

So, that’s a typical day for me.  I’m not very good at writing about it, because while I enjoy reading about what others are doing, I have a hard time wrapping my head around you all be interested in what goes on here (I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense).  So, as I have no idea what else people might want to know, ask away.  I can’t promise to answer every question people might have, but feel free to ask anyway.