Viva La Manosphere posted another media piece on the MRM from the Daily Beast called The Masculine Mystique.  I’m not going to break this down too much as I know there will be other bloggers who will do this and they will also do a much better job than I could.

However, I do have a couple of observations.  First, The Daily Beast was far more fair in their assessment (as far as I can tell.  I have never heard of John Hembling and have no knowledge of the man).  They do still conflate the Manosphere with the MRM movement and it’s impossible to tell at this point if that is intentional or not.  It makes sense that, should one be unfamiliar with the “underbelly of the internet” and then search for “Men’s Rights Movement” that Reddit, A Voice for Men and the SpearHead are going to pop up first.  Admittedly, these are not places I have much experience with at all.  However, in my limited experience and in reading those experiences of others, the MRM is pretty different than the Manosphere.  I would not put it past any journalist to conflate the two on purpose, but in this piece it is not obvious either way.

Second,  maybe I am reading into this, but there is still a bit of mirth/disdain by the author.  On one level this is not surprising.  I think many who come in here have that attitude in order to protect their previously held beliefs.  It takes some time to drop that facade and let one’s brain run free to accept some of what was being said.  It’s normal.  There is some of this in the article, but, honestly, it’s not too bad (relatively speaking).

Thirdly, the comments, as far as I read a few hours ago, were surprisingly bad compared to those left at the ABC 20/20 piece.  I have no idea why (I am not at all familiar with The Daily Beast).  I read quite a few of the comments on the 20/20 piece because they were interesting and well thought out.  Reading the comments at The Daily Beast it took all of about one minute for my eyes to roll back and for me to hear this in my head:

As news of this new article spreads, we’ll see if the comment section picks up or not.  Should any one decide to leave a comment there, I strongly suggest taking a screen shot of it an saving it.  Many commenters have noted (and left screen shots) that their very polite and reasoned comments have been deleted from the ABC piece (for any women unfamiliar with Roosh’s forum, they do not allow women commenters there and I ask that you respect that).

Having said all of this, I have developed a vast distrust of anything mainstream in the media.  Maybe The Daily Beast does not even qualify as mainstream, I don’t know.  This distrusts leads me to wonder, was this really a more balanced piece or are they attempting something else to either drive hits (which is frankly, what they are supposed to do) or to lull people into some false sense of security?  Call me paranoid if you wish, but as one who used to fully believe the media I don’t ever wish to be pulled in that way again.

EDIT:  The 20/20 episode did not air Friday night.  There are several thoughts as to why.  Many think that after realizing just how rational a lot of the big voices of the main blogs are they did not get the hate that they hoped they would.  Also, they really got it handed to them in the comments section of the article.  Also, as many people did take screen shots of their comments and they are easily found and proven, ABC was shown to be as biased as many people have been saying for years that they are.