It’s well past time to update my blogroll again.  I seem to be really bad at this.

Matt Forney – I was introduced to In Male Fide very early on in first entering the Sphere.  At first, I hated it.  It was too blunt for my naive brain.  It didn’t take too long until I enjoyed it there and Matt continues here.  It’s more mellow than In Male Fide but Matt has a real way about him in his writings that if you’re able to look past the hyperbole, there is a lot there.  I have been having way to much fun looking at his twitter feed since his Self Esteem post went viral.

80 Proof Oinomancy – Ace of Spades.  This blog is wonderful.  He doesn’t come right out and give you the answer.  He has an amazing way of leading you there.

LaidNYC – Very clever writer and wonderfully blunt.  My favorite posts of his are his parables.  Here is Two Fortunes and another he wrote about promiscuous women.  I can’t remember it right now and if any one knows the name I would appreciate  you leaving it in the comments!

Embracing Your Femininity – She has a real, quiet strength about her that I very much admire.  She is young, too, which makes it that much more admirable.  To live how she lives and teach what she teaches has to be more difficult being early 20’s.

Illusion of Sanity – I have a lot in common with Dr. Illusion – gardening, love of land, love of family, and more.  His blog reflects all this and it’s a very good read.

The Electric Camel – This is run by Matt Forney and is a new blog aggregator.  It’s a compilation of blog articles that he finds interesting.  There’s a lot there and it goes beyond just the Sphere and into some politics and other interesting reads as well.  For being a woman hater he links quite a few of us, including here and Girls Being Girls.  Thank you, Matt!

I know I am forgetting some that I read (also, I need to update the blogroll to inlclude those that I read that go beyond Men and Women.  Right now, that’s pretty much all that is included).  I don’t have time to check out everything I read every day and tend to cycle.  My apologies if I’ve missed you!