I just finished listening to Davis Aurini from Stares at the World interviewing Danny from 504.  This interview goes into a lot of excellent things, but it is also one of the best descriptions of what they manosphere is and it’s purpose that I’ve listened to or read.  It’s long, but I really recommend listening to the whole thing.  Put it on your phone or iPod while your cleaning, doing cardio, cooking, what have you.  It’s worth the time (Link to convert it to MP3 found here).

First off, my favorite quote from the interview: Aurini says:

If you want to talk about the perfect society where everyone’s a virgin till marriage and men get married at 22; women get married at 16.  In that perfect world, during the courtship, the man is still trying to get into her pants.

This had me laughing out loud, walking around alone in my house.   I thought it was great.

My biggest take away from everything in this interview is this: It is up to men to decide what masculinity is for themselves.  We so often see this meme of “Where have all the good men gone?” in our society today but these women who say this will not accept that they do not get to dictate manliness to men.  In the infamous 54 bullet point checklist, these women cannot dictate that the confident man that she wants in her life should also be sensitive to her female strength and respect her for her womanhood.  A woman cannot dictate that a man should be able to protect her life and limb but demand that men and boys not fight.  These women cannot demand that he be leader of the home under her tutelage.  These women cannot demand marriage minded men while simultaneously demanding that they get to sleep with as many men as they want and then still be desired only when they are ready to settle down.

Men need to go through things and learn their masculinity for themselves and they need other men to teach it to them.   This means that men are most likely not going to want to take a bubble bath and paint your toenails.  This means that men may not like to sit and talk about just how you cooked that steak or how you got the tomatoes so flavorful in the garden.  They may not want to talk about the woman’s book club that you just came home from.

What this does mean, is that Men get to decide what masculinity is and whom they wish to let into their lives.  If you want to be the woman who spends her time with a man like this, learn what a masculine man is looking for and learn to inspire him.  Not compete with him.  You may just find, that while he really doesn’t want to talk about that book you read for your club in anyway, shape, or form, he does it for you anyway because you’ve inspired him, in all his masculinity to love you.