I think she does a very good job with this interview (the article is here). First of all, she comes across as quite strong and yet, very friendly to her interviewer. Her interviewer is careful not to offend, which is an excellent sign for Mrs. Bure (yeah, I see the hyphenated last name. Since I don’t know much about her at all I am choosing to hope she did this for her career. I don’t agree with it, but she has the rest in hand). Mrs. Bure is mostly in control.

Now, some of you might take issue with her statement that she allows her husband to be the leader. A couple of thoughts on this. It’s impossible to know how she means this statement. Some women literally think, well, I straight up allow this to occur and it sounds like the wife is really in charge but allows her husband to think otherwise. I’ve given this some thought because I have found myself using the word allow in real life conversations and cringing when I hear the word leave my mouth. In real life (let alone HuffPo), it’s far more difficult to speak clearly about these concepts because there is no delete button to edit one’s thoughts before submit is clicked. What I’m hoping Mrs. Bure meant is that when her husband makes a final decision that she disagrees with, she calmly relents and graciously accepts his decision. No nagging, no tantrums, no treating him with disdain because she disagrees. She might be a bit peeved, but she calms down quickly and gets to work getting it done. In that way, she allows the final decision.

As to the underhanded comment that she would go along with a decision that would be a detriment to her family, she addressed this in her comments about trust. I would wager that, not for one moment, does she think that her husband would make such a decision. What’s more, she knows that should she not submit, that would be a far more terrible detriment to what they have been able to build together.

My only other beef is her phrase, “Give him the respect that he would like to have within marriage . . . ” Again, on TV and on the spot, I hope. Maybe it’s just me preferring “deserve”.

Overall, I thought she did a great job. It’s encouraging to see these ideas entering the mainstream far more often.  Gabrielle ReeseCostanza Miriano in Spain, and now Candace Cameron Bure. Somehow, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is happening in tandem with Red Pill ideas going mainstream at the same time.

H/T Red Pill Women subreddit.