It’s been months since my last post.  I actually have those old butterflies that I would get when I first started blogging.  Getting back into it, is almost like starting from scratch again.  I sympathize with Martel.  I never really intended to take that long of a break.  I got burned out and just couldn’t find the inspiration to write.  Then life stepped in and I was mostly off the internet for more than a month (I did read for maybe 5-10 minutes a day things like Drudge and Vox Populi, but that was about it.)

During this time, I had a vague knowing that some new thing was going on called Women Against Feminism, but I had no idea what is was (I basically still don’t as I have read little on it yet).  In just hearing about it and reading a couple of the signs the girls were holding I had opposing feelings about it.

Joy.  Finally.  It’s happening.  I knew it was coming.  Women stating their feelings about what feminism has become.  I don’t think most women hate men.  Rather, I think most women actually very much like men.  Many simply won’t admit it to themselves as they don’t know how to not follow the herd.  Today’s feminism is hogwash and I think that most women today have definite cognitive dissonance about what they are reading, and that many outright rejected it, but just didn’t have the courage or even the knowhow in how to combat this.  Now that there is a new herd, a new rebel crowd in which to go to for safety in their feelings, they can comfortably voice their opinions.

Wary.  Wary because, well, Women Against Feminism is comprised of women.  Being against feminism isn’t going to change what women as a whole want.  It will just be a different way of going about getting it.  This doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing.  But there is always great potential for it to turn so.

I tend to agree very much with what Martel has written on this.  These women, right now, are an ally.  I won’t agree with everything they stand for and as I come across these things I will write on them.  But, this is a start.  A new herd, or place for women who have had reservation or even flat out disagreed with feminism to find likeminded people.  More than that, it growing so quickly and with such popularity, it will bring in many, many women who are simply drawn to power.  Who are drawn to the mere popularity of this.  Even if these women are changing because of reasons they don’t even understand, if they go so far as to begin to learn what men want, to learn to begin to not see men as the enemy, to learn to care and nurture their husbands and families, it is a step in the right direction.

As ar10308 says:

although many of these WAFs are very Egalitarian, this will probably cause a number of them to look even further into anti-Feminism and possibly consider more traditional roles for themselves.

Most women are going to always find themselves pretty much in the middle ground of this battle.  But as more and more women are slightly shifting sides, more will find themselves wanting to move further and further in the opposite direction.  These numbers will be relatively small, but the more we find moving that way, the more the balance shifts.

And the balance is shifting more and more in our favor.


** I also left this comment at Martel’s yesterday.  I don’t really have time to try to incorporate it as I would like into this post, but it further describes my thoughts and reservations about this movement (Edited for silly typing mistakes).

Women Against Feminism, the Red Pill Women’s reddit, and so forth are a new herd. The rebels. They are demonstrating a new power dynamic and that growth in power will attract more and more women in and of itself, regardless of the message. This is just the fact of the matter. As you’ve demonstrated, there are pluses and minus to this.

The plus being, that it is a demonstrable shift in thought and its popularity is only going to grab more women’s attention. As it becomes popular to love men again, more women will love them and support them. The problem being, as you said, they’re still women. This love and support for men will be through the realm of womanhood. What this means today and that this support will come from a bunch of women who grew up entrenched in feminism.

Let me see if I can coherently explain. There has always been a female imperative (there always will be). However many years ago you wish to go back (to the 1950’s or the 1850’s) there was an imperative there. But it was different than today’s. The women were brought up in a patriarchal society and their imperative reflected that. These women today, there imperative was developed in a matriarchal, men bad/women good, society. And while they may want to learn to support men, their ability to to this is far more hampered than women of the past.

I’m not explaining it as well as I would like, but hopefully you get the picture. I support these women, I applaud the courage of those who began it. I will support them in their efforts but will always do my best to point out their flaws as they grow in popularity and their message flows back toward feminism. As ar10308 said, many will hopefully look even further into antifeminism. It will be a minority, but the more numbers we can add to this minority, the better chance we have. Men, I think, can have an enormous impact on the size of these numbers.