It’s day 10 of #NoNothingNovember.  So far, I would say I am doing fair.

1.  Get off the internet for frivolity.  I had been doing quite good at this up till yesterday.  I was on it less yesterday than I normally would have been but still more than I would have liked. I’ve completely blown it today, however as it was not a very good day with school and the internet is my go to place to de-stress.  Alas, as I have discovered, it actually makes me more stressed, just for a far different reason (those migraines I recently learned about?  They’re stress induced.  Low and behold, my head is great on the days I’m not on the net.  They turn bad when I am.  The things I read about and comment on apparently get under my skin far more than I ever realized).  Back on track tomorrow.

2.  Diet.  Balance it without being crazy about it.  I’ve done rather well with this one. I blew it yesterday, but it was intentional and mostly planned.  I blew it more than I planned for, but not WAY over the top.  Right back on track today without a problem.

3. Organized my home.  I’ve done pretty well with this one.  Being off the internet helps a lot with it.  I’m still not where I would like to be, but I’ll take the improvement for now.

4. Expand my reading.  Nope.  Failing miserably.  My excuse: The things I would like to read require focus and the time of the day for me to focus is after the kids are in bed. At which time, I would promptly fall asleep reading what I wish to read.  I need to de-stress some more to not be so tired at the end of the day (I am utterly amazed at what I have discovered about my self regarding these headaches and my stress.  I used to walk around all day so tensed in the shoulders that it caused me serious migraines.  I never even felt the tension until I went to the doctor.  It’s such a habit now for me to tense my shoulders that it is like quitting a horrible 4 year habit that I didn’t even know I had.  It’s strange).

So, overall, I’m improving with some setbacks that need to be focused on.  As I knew, the internet is the hardest thing and also the thing that is interrupting my life the most.  Go figure.