I wanted to pass this along in case there are any writers who read here.  Jagi Lamplighter has begun a movement to encourage writers to bring back good story telling that isn’t rife with politicization.  Rather, she and others involved in the movement want to encourage good stories filled with hope, magic, and wonder.  Here is the movements mission statement in full, but this sums it up very nicely.

The goal of the Superversive is to bring hope, where there is no hope; to bring courage, where without courage, hope would never be manifested.

The goal of the Superversive is to be light to a benighted world.

The goal of the Superversive is:

To tell the truth.

I wish to throw what little support I can behind this movement.  As anyone who might read Vox Day knows, the SF/F Writers Association was taken over by SJW’s and has greatly changed what SF/F has become.  Now, I am not much of a reader of SF/F (Do The Chronicles Of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings count?), but I can understand what has happened because SJW’s have done the same with everything they have touched.  It is no longer about the story telling, but has become politicized and the stories have greatly suffered for it.  It is what SJW’s are trying to do with GamerGate.

To counter this, Vox Day has also begun Castalia House.  This is his own publishing house (created with Markku whom I don’t quite know where to link), made to publish the types of SF/F stories focused on good, strong story telling (with a decidedly masculine flair).

So, Dear Readers, if any of you write stories or are simply interested in reading good literature again that is written for the sake of the reader rather than an agenda, then check out this Superversive movement.

(Also see John C. Wright’s blog for more reading on this.  He and Mrs. Wright (Jagi Lamplighter) will also post links to other authors who are involved.)