The above is a list of answers from 4th grade boys when asked what they don’t like about being male.  (H/T Rollo Tomassi and originally found at popsugar).

  • Not being able to be a mother
  • Not supposed to cry
  • Not allowed to be a cheerleader
  • Supposed to do all the work
  • Supposed to like violence
  • Supposed to play football
  • Boys smell bad
  • Having an automatic bad reputation
  • Grow hair everywhere

I can just imagine the tenor of this lesson vs had they done the same thing with the girls.  It would be a sympathetic one toward the boys. Yup boys, so sorry these things are true of you.  For the girls it would be more like breaking through the chains.  It shouldn’t be this way!! (when in reality, it probably isn’t that way.)  The girls would be encouraged to break through those chains while the boys would be told, you need to overcome these masculine obstacles and you go be a cheerleader if you wish.  Just be yourself.

To be able to teach our boy to be unashamedly masculine and to be able to teach our girls to be unashamedly feminine and to teach the inherent strength of each, is a wonderful thing.