Elspeth has posted what she and her girls plan on making for Christmas this year and as I was thinking of doing this anyway, I thought I’d share.

My plan is to make:

Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies

Chocolate Mint Thins – these are similar to Elspeth’s Andes Mint cookies only the Andes are cooked right into the dough and then some are then melted and drizzled over the top.

Homemade Toffee

Homemade Caramels – Some of these I leave plain, some I dip in chocolate, and some I simply sprinkle with sea salt

Sugar cookies – For the kids to decorate and leave out for Santa – these I’ll likely cheat on and simply buy the dough from the store.  I very much do not like sugar cookies and I also do not like working with the dough.  We all enjoy decorating them, though.

This list is ambitious for me and realistically, the toffee or the caramels will be left out.  I hope to pass them to some neighbors, the mail lady and a few other people as well.  My mom used to do this when we were kids and it is such a fond memory.

What are your plans for Christmas treats and/or food?