This is an excellent read.  It’s long, but very much worth it.  A small taste,

First of all, the Church must make a concentrated effort to evangelize men by delivering a strong and consistent message about what it means to be a faithful Catholic man. Men need to be addressed very directly about the demanding and noble challenge of serving Jesus Christ the Eternal King and His Catholic Church.   Men are hungry and thirsty for meaning beyond the everyday world.

The culture in which we live is bankrupt and young men, especially, recognize the brokenness of the culture. Young men and young women want to hear words that are directed specifically to them to use their virtues and gifts for the good of everyone.

Click the link.  Read it.  Have Faith.  We can turn back to a masculine Church, where men and women are served beautifully and taught how to use their own gifts and appreciate those gifts for what they are.

(H/T Catholicism Pure and Simple)