It is no secret to my regular readers that I am Catholic and a rather Orthodox Catholic, at that.  However, my tenure into Orthodoxy is a short one and I am on the path of learning.  My Catechism during my RCIA process, I have discovered, was  . . . not good.  So, I have been trying to learn on my own and with my husband.  I have so many questions.  So many things I would like to share with some of you, but this blog does not seem the place to do it.

I write here mostly for everyone.  While I will write Catholic and religious posts from time to time, I mostly try to tell the Truth without too much overt religion in it in an attempt to teach those who seek the information but are not Believers.  There are many reasons I do this, one of the main ones being, talking overtly about God and Catholicism are not a strong point of mine.  Certainly not a talent.

So, my question is this, if I were to start another blog, one that might be short lived or not, that asked questions of the readers regarding Faith, Biblical teachings, books I am reading and so forth, would there be any interest in that?  Would any of you be interested in discussing and helping me with things that I am confused about or that I am learning about?