On the Red Pill Women subreddit on June 3rd all day.  Mrs Doyle has written The Surrendered Wife 


and The Surrendered Single.


I was looking around her website and found this story:

A book called “The Surrendered Wife”? With a drawing of a woman in a bubble bath? No thank you.

At least that’s what I thought to myself a few years ago, as I browsed relationship books on Amazon.com, desperately trying to keep my end of the bargain my husband and I had entered into a few months before. That bargain came on the heels of an emotional re-commitment to one another after a few years of highs and lows. With two toddlers in tow, I had come to a point where I looked at my husband and wondered where the warm, romantic and loving man I had met 15 years before had gone. I saw this warmth from him with the people I loved, so I knew it was there…which was somewhat painful, but it also gave me a glimpse of hope.

. . .

It only took about one week for my husband to caress me like the old days and lovingly say, “Wow. I want to thank you for coming back. I wondered where the girl was that I had fallen in love with.”

I’m excited about this.  While I haven’t read Mrs. Doyle’s books I have heard very good things about them and I hope this will bring even more attention to what we are trying to do at RPW.  We’ve heard many of the same stories as the linked one above there from women who refer to themselves as former feminists.  Our impact isn’t huge in numbers but it has been huge for many relationships.  It is sending a ripple.  One I hope continues to grow.


Laura Doyle has a new book coming out on June 2 called First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors: Modern-Day Secrets to Being Desired, Cherished, and Adored for Life.