Vox Day put this up at Alpha Game the other day and made the point that feminist will always have the second picture in mind when they speak about equality.  This is a very important concept to keep in mind today, especially as we fight back and are inundated with people telling us, “It’s thanks to feminists that you have a choice today!  How could you be so ungrateful!”

This plea to the past and to gratitude is going to become more and more common and it won’t work.  When it fails, look for more and more of the above.  Many will move to what appears to be a more moderate position; something that appears to be fair.  Just note the name: feminism4fairness.  While consciously many women will actually believe this, that they wish for the picture on the left (and some will believe it wholeheartedly), for most it is just part and parcel of maintaining what they want, the picture on the right and as some have noted, that’s not even accurate, because the man should be standing in a hole, basically holding the other two up.

This appeal to fairness is merely part of what Rollo refers to as the feminine imperative.  It is a play to appeal to men, while maintain what women have and to keep reaching for more.  It will effectively pull the wool over the eyes of men and women who might start waking up, but still don’t want to admit the truth.  Just notice the Males Can Die at the bottom.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this appeal to actual fairness is anything more than attempt to maintain the status quo.  It will be tempting for men and women as more and more people wake up.  But it’s nothing more than a slight retreat.  Just enough to confound and then keep plowing forward.  I’m not too sure what the Males Must Die is about at the bottom, if it’s some kind of reply to this post or if it’s part of this whole message, but it’s the truest thing in this picture.  Don’t forget that.

UPDATE: Out of curiosity, I googled feminism4fairness.  It’s an instagram site and I’m confident it’s satire.  Poe’s law means I can’t be certain, but I’m all but sure.