Vox Day is writing a new bookSJWS ALWAYS LIE: Taking Down the Thought Police to be released August 27th; the first anniversary of #GamerGate (Nice touch!).


As you can see, the cover is an homage to another political book well-loved by the Left, Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. But SJWs is a lighter read, it’s meant to be a book that serves as a handbook and a reference for those who already oppose the self-appointed thought police as well as an evangelical tract that can be used to convince neutral parties that the SJWS are a serious problem and a direct threat to them even though they may be currently unaware of it. In other words, it’s written more in the vein of The Irrational Atheist than The Return of the Great Depression.

There is a chapter devoted to GamerGate, a chapter devoted to the Hugo Awards, and a chapter that contains a systematic breakdown of the standard SJW attack sequence as well as recommendations on how to respond to it. It contains a few surprises, as well as a few elements that will not be a surprise to anyone at all. It is my hope that SJWs will prove but one of many useful weapons to people across the West as the long-overdue counterattack against the thought and speech police grows and gains momentum.

Vox has been writing a lot on SJWs regarding the Hugo awards, #GamerGate, and in general.  It’s been  educational and fun to read his insights.  These insights are just as important to the manosphere as they are to the Hugo’s, #GamerGate, and any other sphere that is tired of the incessant lies used to take over nearly every organization imaginable.

It is possible to fight back. People are and they are succeeding.  Keep your eye out for this on the 27th.  I will keep you updated.