There is a story I’ve been meaning to put down here for quite some time.  Rollo’s post today on the Red Pill Parent reminded me of it this morning (It’s a very good post.  Take the time to read it).

My husband told me this story years ago and it has always stuck with me.

When a man and a women marry, they begin the marriage by joining hands.  In many marriages today, when a child comes along, the husband and wife will break their circle by letting the child join in it.  Then another child comes and joins in the circle as well and so on and so forth.

As the children grow and leave the home, they leave the circle broken. It is not so easy for the husband and wife to simply join hands again.  It was a mistake for them to ever let go.  Instead, the man and wife never let go of one another.  Rather, when children come, they are put inside the circle the man and wife have created together.  A circle that is never broken.

Your husband and marriage come first.  Not only will your marriage be better off for it, contrary to popular belief, your children will be, as well.