For no other reason than I love this picture.

It seems 4chan has once again very successfully trolled feminists.  This latest troll job has gotten women to take pictures urinating on themselves and then post them for all the world to see.  This is supposed to be in some sort of solidarity with women who soil themselves while raped (which is also a 4chan meme). Since we can no longer tell the difference between actual rape and what these women want us to think rape is, how is this supposed to help?

This is more evidence of the SJW/Feminist thought.  Ugly is beautiful.  Beautiful is Ugly.  Dignity is shameful and shame is pride.  On and on it continues.

Hilariously, 4Chan also began the free bleeding movement (also shown in the linked article).  It seems my hope of feminist taking it so far as to continue to show their ridiculous hand continues and they more successfully turn more women away themselves than anything any anti-feminist could write.

(H/T commenter Is This Thing On? at Rational Male)