And yet, inexplicably, she wants him.

I’ve had occasion to think more on this tonight because of this comment at Rollo’s from Anonymous Reader:

Women don’t want to be put on a pedestal, not really, not inside. Unless maybe it’s to give a man they like a chance to peek up their skirt. They want to be possessed by a man they are attracted to, not idolized by any man.

I would like to clarify something about this. To be perfectly clear women want to be pedestalized and not pedestalized. Clear as mud, right? Here’s the thing. With so much that is woman, we often want two conflicting things. In this case we want to be pedestalized from a place of Pride. We want to be admired, to have the power over and even own a man who would put us there. Only, there is no contentment in his place. There is no peace. Only pride and resentment.

There is another place, a deeper place of freedom and peace and it is in this place where we truly do not want to be pedestalized. We cannot respect a man who would put us above himself and we cannot truly love a man we do not respect. We will take the pedestalization as it is power but we would rather be with a man who is more powerful than ourselves.

What we really want is a man who has built his own pedestal. The higher the better and we want him to lift us up onto it by his own choice. This is the deeper want, the deeper desire. To be chosen.