One woman who wishes to marry someday, but not too soon and another young woman whom recently married and is utterly grateful for everything her husband has ever done for her (my sincere congratulations and very best wishes to you Allamagoosa and Night Sky Radio).

Contrived happiness vs. true peace and contentment. There is no comparison. Many women today will read Allamagoosa’s post and think she is meek, weak and losing herself. First, she very likely does not care what these women think. There’s no reason for her to. Second, her strength is astounding. Some women can’t see it, or they refuse to see it. But the strength to put someone else before you in life and the happiness it can bring is beyond my ability to describe. It’s time for women to wake up to this fact again.

On the surface, the first woman seems strong and daring to young ladies today. Seeking to fulfill your every want is not strength, it’s reckless. It might feel like freedom, until you are no longer able to find the things in life you wanted because of the past choices you have made. Might she marry? Sure, she might. But the chances of it being to a man whom she will adore are slim. The happiness she seeks will slip through her fingers because she puts her wants first (there are no needs in what she speaks of).  The anxiety that she speaks of, that something might be wrong with her, these feelings are often not a bad thing. Do not dismiss them out of hand because they are uncomfortable. Follow them to the end as they will help you to improve.

Happiness and peace are possible, but they won’t just come because you want them to. These require effort. They require gratitude, and they require not only the ability to see what a man has done, is doing and will do for you but what you have done, are doing and will do for him. If it’s not enough, it’s time to change.

**UPDATE:  I just read this from Elspeth.  Beautiful, poignant, and very relevant.