Hair.  Most men love it and they love it long.  Instinctively women know this otherwise most teenage girls would not keep it long.  It seems that short hair for women became popular for during World War I and the advent of the flapper.   These days, it is mostly for those in their early to late thirties with young children and for those older women who think “I’m simply at that age where it is time to cut my hair.”  Where this idea came from, I have no idea.  I suspect it came from “the herd” (the fact that most women do this so I need to as well).

A lot has been said about women encouraging other women to cut their hair short or being giddy when one of their friends has it done.  The idea is women with long hair are excited that there is one less woman to compete with now as she is not as attractive as she was with long hair.  Yes, there are women out there who overtly feel this way.  There always have been and there will always be.  However, I think what is more accurately going on in the mind of some friends is,  “Oh wow, she really does look cute and I am feel happy that she feels good about herself after such a major change.”  But there is a feeling in this friend that something may be off.  A feeling which she will choose to ignore or rationalize away for her sake and for the sake of her friend (Notice all those feels?  Tedious to read, but very accurate.  The short haired friend feels good and the friends gets to share some of this happiness. The feelings are contagious.)

The thing is though, cute is just that.  Childlike or worse yet, boyish.  Men do not wish to be attracted to a woman who is boyish and their attraction very likely will fade, at least somewhat.  Something else that will go through the minds of friends is “Wow, she should have kept it long but I absolutely CANNOT say that to her” and they will go the “Oh so cute” routine from there.

Competition between women is very real and it is innate.  Most women don’t consciously think “Whoo hoo!  She cut her hair and now I am more attractive than she is!!”  This competition is more aptly described as a feeling we get that most often is noticed on the periphery and then fail or refuse to acknowledge.  It is not something we are capable of stopping, but it is something that we can lessen the degree of if we have the introspection to acknowledge that it happens and then the courage to examine what those feelings are and what they mean.

So, men.  I strongly encourage you to now avert your eyes quickly as hair care tips follow.

Ladies, with all that being said, keep your hair long and take care of it.  If you have small children or it gets in your face, wear ponytails or twist it in the back and put in a barrette or clip (this is actually better than a ponytail as it will not pull out your hair as much.  Loose is always better for any updo.)

I have curly hair that tends on the very dry side.*  I have been cooking with coconut oil for months as its health properties are amazing.  This stuff is extremely versatile.  You can use it directly on your skin and in your hair and it works beautifully.  Here is a site that will explain more.  The video is very helpful as well.

*Ladies, if you have curly (or wavy) hair you should really get your hands on this book and then go here (click on the “Salon” tab on the top of the page) to find someone who knows how to cut it.  It is a completely different process than for those with straight hair.